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Education and Training

Education and Training

Education and research are central to Qatar’s plans to transform itself into a nation with a modern knowledge-based economy with a sustainable future for its citizens, aligning with the human development pillar of Qatar’s National Vision 2030.

Qatar’s goal is to develop a world-class educational system on a par with the highest international standards, which equips citizens with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to take on the world’s challenges.

Qatar is also aiming to secure a significant international role in cultural and intellectual activity and scientific research. This is being achieved through huge investment in research, including the setting up of an effective system for funding scientific research, shared by the public and private sectors and conducted in cooperation with specialized international organizations and leading international research centers.

Qatar’s education system

The nation’s schools, colleges and universities offer a wide range of world-class education, from early years to postgraduate level, enabling the country to secure a thriving economy and progressive society.

Schools are divided into independent and private sectors, while specialized schools provide more targeted education. Investment has been and continues to be made in Special Needs education.

Qatar’s unique position allows educators and researchers to adopt international standards while preserving regional values and culture. One of the best examples is Education City, where internationally renowned universities have set up programs to help inspire innovative research and develop human capital while remaining true to Qatar’s cultural heritage.

Since its inception in 1973, Qatar University has held the position as the sole national institution of higher education and research. It is a prime center and a focal community point for education, research and cultural interaction.

Future plans

The government has plans to increase the number of educational facilities and research opportunities in the coming years. The building of new nurseries, schools, colleges and universities will help elevate the education level among citizens and residents, while inspiring innovation in education, research and the economy.