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Culture, Arts and Media

Culture, Arts and Media

Qatar has always been keen on nurturing its cultural and arts movement through organizing several national cultural and artistic activities and events at home and abroad, holding lectures, symposia and poetry recitation evenings, art and book exhibitions, and licensing various folklore, theatrical and musical troupes. Every now and then, international musicians and artists get invited to perform the finest musical shows in Doha and introduce different kinds of arts to the public.Tourism, Culture and Leisure

Moreover, the country has been working restlessly to promote its heritage through gathering and documenting the public heritage materials, establishing specific archives for public heritage, organizing national heritage events and activities and celebrating related occasions, supporting and enhancing the Qatari talents and artists in the theatrical field, as well as encouraging the cinema-related initiatives.

In addition, Qatar has laid several strategic foundations with the vision to position itself as a cultural beacon and a lighthouse of art, on the national and international levels. The openings of the Museum of Islamic Art, Katara Cultural Village, and Modern Museum of Arab Art (Mathaf), have also marked the beginning of Qatar's transition into a regional cultural hub. It is worth mentioning that, Doha was selected before to be the Arab Capital of Culture by the Arab League under UNESCO's Cultural Capitals Program.

Qatar’s media sector has also been witnessing a high level of progress and prosperity, thanks to its commitment to liberate media content through abolishing censorship and granting greater freedom of expression. Qatar has taken various strategic measures to empower and further enhance its media channels, believing in the key role that its media sector plays with respect to the national, gulf, Arab and Islamic issues.

Thanks to the diversity and vibrancy of Qatar’s media outlets, the television, radio, newspaper and internet all have been contributing to building an open society in the country with opportunities for people to learn, exchange ideas and make informed decisions. Al Jazeera is one of the best-known international news services. Based in Doha, with correspondents and bureaus all over the world, it broadcasts Arabic and English programming through satellite all over the world.