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Employment and Workplace

Employment and Workplace

Strong economic growth is reflected in Qatar’s extremely low unemployment rate of less than 1%.Employment and Workplace

While most people work and live in the capital city of Doha, new developments in the oil and gas sector have helped usher the birth of other employment hubs, such as Dukhan and Ras Laffan. As the country’s economy continues to diversify, new job opportunities are emerging across all sectors. Companies and government agencies welcome progressive hiring practices, as people around the world look to Qatar for employment.

The government understands that the country’s greatest asset is its people. The process of Qatarization involves bringing more and more citizens into helping build the economy, thus laying the foundation for a secure future.

The legal rights of workers and employers are protected by the country’s Labor Law and its amendments. The State is committed to keeping up with international labor standards to make Qatar one of the best places to work and live.

Qatar is keen on conducting a labor force survey on a quarterly basis, with the aim of getting accurate data on the size of labor in Qatar, the unemployment rate and the labor market needs, which paves the way for setting up plans and policies that are part of Qatar National Vision 2030.