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Social Assistance

Social Assistance Allowance for the Needy Families

  • Last Updated 05 Jun, 2022
  • Service Type : Offline Service
  • Service Mode : Offline
  • Service Provider : Ministry of Social Development and Family
  • Service Classification : G2C
  • Topic : Religion and Community
Intended Audience
Citizen: Parent, Business Owner, Employee

Service Description

The Ministry of Social Development and Family (MSDF) provides this service to enable the needy families to apply for social security aid.

A needy family is defined as: "A Group consisting of a husband and wife(s) and their children or some members of this group all living in one dwelling under the same roof and share the same life jointly and do not have sufficient income to live on."

Application Process

  • Download and fill out the application form.
  • Submit the application along with all the required supporting documents to the Social Security Department including:
    • QID copies of the head of the family, his wife and children attending school above 18 years of age
    • Birth certificate of children below 18 years of age
    • Certificate of continuing education for those above 18 years of age
    • Non-marriage certificate for girls above 18 years old who are no longer attending school

Allowance Amount

The monthly allowance is QR6,000, and if the elderly person is married, then his wife gets QR2,000 and QR1,000 for each child.

Additional Information

  • Original documents are to be presented to be verified against the submitted copies by the department official concerned.
  • The pensioner shall submit an annual statement to the MSDF on the current social and financial status upon renewing the pension payment card, according to the form prepared by the Ministry for this purpose.
  • A member of the department will assess the application and submit it with a recommendation to the director for approval or rejection within a month. If the application is approved, payment will be in the following month and backdated to the date of the application. The applicant will receive the decision by telephone or SMS.
  • The Social Security Department may decide to pay the pension to the wife, one of the children or another person, who will act as a trustee, due to the young age, the health condition, the mental illness or the misconduct of the pensioner.

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