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Grievances & Complaints

Resolve Administrative Disputes between Government Entities and Companies

  • Last Updated 11 Jan, 2021
  • Service Type : E-Service
  • Service Mode : Hybrid (Online and Offline)
  • Service Provider : Ministry of Finance
  • Service Classification : G2B, G2G
  • Topic : Business and Finance, Religion and Community
Intended Audience
Visitor: Business Owner
Citizen: Business Owner

Service Description

This service provided by the Government Procurement Regulatory Department at the Ministry of Finance aims to protect the rights of corporates and institutions by resolving Administrative conflicts that arise between Government Entities and Tendering Companies.

Online Instructions

  • Access the Government Procurement Portal by the Ministry of Finance
  • Choose the “Administrative Disputes Settlement Service” from the “Electronic Services” drop down menu
  • Fill out the application form by entering the application title, company name, and government entity
  • Please add the email address and phone number and specify the tender type and its number
  • Add the details of your dispute settlement request in the “Request Subject” section
  • Attach the following documents:
    • Dispute Settlement Request Letter in the “Application Details” section
    • Application attachments (per the request of the Government Procurement Regulatory Department)
    • Bank Receipt
    • Other attachments (if available) to support your case
  • Enter the “Security Code” for verification as displayed or listen to it while entering by clicking on the speaker icon  or change it by clicking on the arrow’s icon  
  • Click “Send”


No fees are required to this service

Additional Information

  • Please check the Cabinet Decision No. (33) of 2017 of setting up a committee to resolve administrative disputes arising from the application of the provisions of the law regulating Tenders and Auctions and its executive regulation as well as the rules and procedures to be followed before it.
  • You can check Law No. (24) of 2015 regulating tenders and auctions.

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