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Licenses, Permits & Contracts

Request to Issue Security Permits

  • Last Updated 04 Sep, 2021
  • Service Type : E-Service
  • Service Mode : Online
  • Service Provider : Ministry of Interior
  • Service Classification : G2B
  • Topic : Visas and Official Documents
Intended Audience
Visitor: Business Owner
Citizen: Business Owner

Service Description

This service enables establishments to submit their requests online to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) to issue security permits, and such permits are used to access places where entry requires having a security permit, namely:

  • Hamad International Airport
  • Hamad Port
  • Qatar Media Corporation

Online Instructions

  • Login with your smartcard to MOI e-services portal.
  • Select “Security Permits Services”, then "Issue New Permit", and select “Issue New Application”.
  • Use “Service Options” page to display all the available options.
  • Click on “New Application” to apply for a new permit and follow these steps:
    • Use “Locations” page to select location for the permit from “Locations” list.
    • Enter job place, then click on “Next” to display “Person Details” page.
    • Enter QID and its expiry date, or enter visa number and nationality.
    • Enter profession, then click on “Next” to display “Permit Details”.
    • Select “Permit” to specify the permit duration by entering the start and end dates of the permit, or select “Permit Type” to enter the type and duration of the permit.
  • Click on “Current Application” to add a new permit for an existing application in the “Permits List” page, and do the following:
    • Click on “Submit Application” to send the complete application for approval, or click on “Add Permit” to add permit to the current application, or cancel a permit by selecting it from the list and clicking on “Delete Permit”.
    • Attach the required documents, then submit your request.

Additional Information

  • Only companies can use this service.
  • The user shall own a smart card to use the service.
  • This service can be obtained any time, once the user completes the transaction.
  • This service is also available via Metrash2 mobile app.


No fees are required for this service.

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