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Visas and Residence Permits

Request New Labour - Fast Track

  • Last Updated 17 Aug, 2022
  • Service Type : E-Service
  • Service Mode : Online
  • Service Provider : Ministry of Labour
  • Service Classification : G2B
  • Topic : Employment and Workplace, Visas and Official Documents
Intended Audience
Citizen: Business Owner


This service enables new and existing establishments to submit a request for visa approval for labour recruitment from abroad - fast track, within specific criteria and conditions, in order to support business establishment and expansion of activities.

Online Instructions

  • Open “New Labour Request Service - Fast Track” service, then click on “Apply”.
  • Log in to the National Authentication System (NAS) using the smart card.
  • Register the main application details such as contact details and describe the justification for the labour requirements.
  • Register details of the required labor specifications by profession, type and number, in line with the actual needs of the establishments, whether newly established or existing establishments.
  • Confirm details of required labor and submit the application.

Additional Information

Service terms and requirements:

  • Newly formed establishments can benefit from the service of fast-track labor visa approvals if they specify the details of the required labor in accordance with the requirements of launching the business and within the specified ceiling of 10 as a maximum of labor visa approvals granted for the first request of the newly formed establishment.
  • Existing establishments can benefit from the service of fast-track labor visa approvals if they submit a request that includes details of the required labor that correspond to the activity of the establishment and in numbers commensurate with the natural growth and expansion of activities compared to the current number of workers in the establishment, within determinants and criteria based on rates of increase in employment in establishments similar in terms of size business and workers.
  • Establishment person in charge is fully responsible for the correctness of the data registered within the digital service.
  • The service will not be provided in the below cases:
    • If the establishment has suspended transactions at the Ministry of Labour or the relevant authorities.
    • If there is an application under review by the Ministry.
  • Service Submission Timings: Sunday to Thursday, from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.


No fees are required for this service.

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