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Request Existing Facility Assignment in Industrial Area by Buying and Selling

  • Last Updated 26 Oct, 2022
  • Service Type : Offline Service
  • Service Mode : Offline
  • Service Provider : Ministry of Municipality
  • Service Classification : G2C, G2B, G2G
  • Topic : Business and Finance, Employment and Workplace, Housing
Intended Audience
Visitor: Business Owner
Citizen: Parent, Business Owner, Employee

Service Description

Citizens, companies, institutions and authorities may submit a request to the Support Services Areas Section of the Technical Affairs Department at the Ministry of Municipality (MoM) to assign facilities in the industrial area through selling and buying, in each of Doha Municipality, Al Khor and Al Dakhira Municipality and Al Shamal Municipality.

Offline Instructions

  • Download and fill out the paper form, then submit it to the Customer Services Counter at the Support Services Areas Section.
  • Attach the following documents:
  • Required documents upon submitting the application:
    • Copy of lease contract and location plan along with original copy for matching
    • Copy of QID of former and new tenant
    • Copy of (commercial registration, commercial license, company ID) if tenant had commercial name, and copy of authorized signatory’s Qatari ID
    • Industrial license copy (in case of industrial use)
    • Copy of annual payment receipt until the end of due financial year
    • Copy of PD and Policy Plan for each plot
    • Official original copy or certified copy of power of attorney if appointed
    • Limitation of succession and power of attorneys (in case of heirs)
    • Copy of building completion certificate
    • Demarcation Request (in case of PD absence)
  • Required documents upon contract’s issuance:
    • Assignment file, and original copy of newspaper announcement and certified sale contract
    • For the issuance of a new contract, the original contract and the location plan must be delivered for cancelation
  • Required documents upon contract’s approval:

Service Center

Customer Service Counter at the Support Services Areas Section of the Technical Affairs Department

Additional Information

  • The entity requesting the service shall be 51% Qatari (and above) with at least three years passing after contracting.
  • MoM clarifies on its website the process plan of the service in detail and in the form of a work plan.
  • This service requires 10 days to be completed.
  • You can check the service information page on MoM website.


No fees are required for this service; there is only annual rent that is collected in advance at the beginning of each fiscal year.

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