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Assessments, Amendments and Accreditations

Request Accreditation of Auditing Service Provider in Software Security and Quality Assurance of E-Services

  • Fees- QR10,000
  • Last Updated 29 Aug, 2022
  • Service Type : E-Service
  • Service Mode : Online
  • Service Provider : National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA)
  • Service Classification : G2B
  • Topic : Business and Finance, Communications and IT, Visas and Official Documents
Intended Audience
Citizen: Business Owner

Service Description

The National Information Security Compliance Framework (NISCF) offers accreditation for service providers wishing to provide audit services in the area of information security within the context of the Software Security and Quality Assurance (SSQA) certification for ensuring the development of E-Services under the NISCF. 

National Cyber Governance and Assurance Affairs (NCGAA) at National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) awards the accreditation to businesses, following a completed application. This provides an on-time confirmation of an organization's compliance with the NISCF accreditation requirements for providing a specific service.

According to successful maintenance, the accreditation remains valid for three years, authorizing the accredited service provider to perform the service for which accreditation has been awarded.

Online Instructions

Additional Information


  • Submission of application to register in accreditation program: QR10,000
  • Issuance of accreditation certificate: QR40,000

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