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Qatar University

QU Student Exchange Programs

  • Last Updated 11 Jan, 2021
  • Service Type : Information Service
  • Service Provider : Qatar University
  • Service Classification : G2C
  • Topic : Education and Training
Intended Audience
Visitor: Student
Citizen: Parent, Business Owner, Employee
Resident: Parent


Qatar University students can benefit from QU different programs and trips to discover other universities and cultures. QU Student Exchange Section has been established to organize, facilitate QU students travel and receive students coming from abroad to participate in QU activities and events.

Available educational off campus include the following:

  • Participating in conferences, educational, cultural and entertainment trips to discover other countries’ cultures.
  • Educational and cultural exchange trips as QU students select a well-known educational institution to visit and receive students from the same institution.
  • Official representation for QU in sports, entertainment games or educational activities.
  • Getting opportunity to study abroad for one semester.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact Exchange Programs Section at: 44033807 or through email:

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