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Healthcare and Medical Services

Physiotherapy Services for the Elderly

  • Last Updated 11 Jan, 2021
  • Service Type : Information Service
  • Service Provider : The Center of Empowerment and Elderly Care (Ehsan)
  • Service Classification : G2C
  • Topic : Health
Intended Audience
Citizen: Parent
Resident: Employee


Qatar Foundation for Elderly People Care (IHSAN) provides physiotherapy services for the elderly. The physiotherapy section is equipped with an examination and treatment room, and physiotherapy lounges equipped with modern equipment and devices suitable for treatment of the elderly, under supervision of a number of physiotherapists experienced in senility illnesses and professionally qualified to carry out diagnoses and examinations and eventually develop a treatment program suitable for all of the cases referred to the section by the practitioner.

The section provides the following services:

  • Medical massage using massage devices.
  • Treatment by manual skills.
  • Treatment by "ultrasound, electrical alert devices"
  • Treatment with ice and heat.
  • Treatment by sport exercises "individually or collectively".
  • Giving consultations and instructions.

The section treats the following cases:

  • Rheumatic diseases.
  • Neurological diseases and different types of paralysis.
  • Stiffness of joints.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Arthritis .
  • Imbalance and fear of falling while walking.
  • Walking difficulty.
  • Muscle weakness and pain.

Offline Instructions

  • ·Phone the administrative clerk at the clinic or come to Ehsan in person to get an appointment.
  • ·The physiotherapist will examine the patient at the fixed appointment, and henceforth set a treatment program for him.

Service Center

Physiotherapy section at The Center of Empowerment and Elderly Care (Ehsan).

Additional Information

  • ·The physiotherapy clinic receives the healthily stable cases referred by physicians at any health center or hospitals, government or non-government.
  • ·The number of sessions is dependent on the patient and the extent he avails from the treatment. They may range from 10 to 15 sessions. Then the patient comes back to the physiotherapist to reassess his case again.

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