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Qatar University

Locker Service in Qatar University

  • Fees- Varies.
  • Last Updated 05 Feb, 2022
  • Service Type : E-Service
  • Service Mode : Online
  • Service Provider : Qatar University
  • Service Classification : G2C
  • Topic : Education and Training
Intended Audience
Visitor: Student

Service Description

Qatar University (QU) students can subscribe for lockers through QU website. QU makes lockers available to students to facilitate the daily storage of their learning materials and items related to their studies, under the supervision of the Student Auxiliary Services Section.

Online Instructions

  • Log in to Qatar University Online Portal.
  • Select "Student Services" link and then"Lockers Service".
  • Apply for a locker through choosing "Online Locker Request".
  • Select semester, required building and the locker number from the available numbers in the list.

Additional Information


QR 25 applies for locker request and the same amount in case of lost key request. A fine of QR50 is charged to the student account in case the key was lost.  

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