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Qatar Legislation Services

Gulf, Arab and Foreign Legislations Encyclopedia

  • Last Updated 11 Jan, 2021
  • Service Type : E-Service
  • Service Mode : Hybrid (Online and Offline)
  • Service Provider : Supreme Judiciary Council
  • Service Classification : G2C, G2B
  • Topic : Religion and Community
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You can search in the encyclopedia of Gulf, Arab and foreign legislations, offered by Supreme Judiciary Council on its website. It contains all legislations of Gulf, Arab and foreign countries, with the relevant judgments issued by the cassation, higher, or constitutional courts in these countries.

The encyclopedia contains multiple easy-used search methods, including search by chronology, legislation no, legislation subject, legislation classification, authority of issuance, and search by a word or sentence in the legislation.

Search in Encyclopedia

  • Log in to Supreme Judiciary Council.
  • Select the Gulf, Arab and foreign legislations Encyclopedia.
  • Select country group (GCC – Arab Countries – Foreign Countries), and select the country.
  • Select the type of legislation (effective – amended and effective – cancelled).
  • Select search method (chronology - legislation no - legislation subject - legislation classification - authority of issuance, or by a word or sentence in the legislation).
  • Enter the required information, and click "Search".

Additional Information

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