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Visas & Residence Permits

Submit and Follow up on Family Visa Applications

  • Last Updated 17 Jun, 2021
  • Service Type : E-Service
  • Service Mode : Hybrid (Online and Offline)
  • Service Provider : Ministry of Interior
  • Service Classification : G2C
  • Topic : Visas and Official Documents
Intended Audience
Resident: Employee

Service Description

This service enables individuals to apply for a family visit visa (family applications) and follow up on them.

Online Instructions

  • Log in with your smartcard to the MOI e-services portal.
  • Click on “Visa Services” then “Family Visit Application”.
  • Use the “Service Options” page to check all available options of the service.
  • Select visa application type from the “Application Type” list.
To submit a new application
  • Select “New Application” from the “Application Options” list, then click on “Next”.
  • Enter expatriate data and select the relation, then click on “Next”.
  • Enter passport details of expatriate, then click on “Next”.
  • Enter email address to receive copy of receipt, then click on “Next”.
  • Attach the required documents, then click on “Next”.
  • Review the data, then click on “Submit”.
To inquire and follow up on application
  • Select “Application Follow up”, then click on “Next” so that the displays a list of the previously submitted application(s) with the status and documents of each
  • Check the “Application Details”, then click on “Next”.
  • Click on “Upload Missing Documents” in case of documents not attached at the time of submitting the application.
  • Attach the missing documents (according to the “application status”, then click on “Submit”.

Offline Instructions

  • Download and fill out the paper form, then submit it to the Permanent Committee for Looking for Labor Approval at MOI.
  • Attach the following documents:
    • Copy of host’s QID
    • Copy of valid passport of the person to be brought in
    • Certified copy of marriage contract and birth certificates for children
    • Certified copy of employment contract emphasizing job and salary
    • Certificate of good conduct (Police Clearance), certified by the relevant authorities for adults
    • Health insurance with a company accepted in the State, for the whole duration of the visitor’s stay in the country
    • Certificate proving that medical examination has been passed abroad, in accordance with the mechanism adopted by the competent authorities
    • Any other conditions deemed necessary by the competent authority in this regard

Service Center

Expatriate Affairs Department and the Unified Services Centers

Additional Information

  • The user shall own a smart card to use the service online.
  • This service can be obtained online at any time and immediately.
  • This service is also available via Metrash2.
  • Wives and children shall be brought in to the country as per the following terms:
    • Resident shall hold a valid work residence permit
    • Resident shall submit a marriage contract certified by the competent authorities as per the terms of attestation
    • Employee in government and semi-government entities shall have family housing from the employer, or family allowance shall be provided as specified in the employment contract
    • Profession and salary of employees in government and semi-government entities shall be confirmed by official letter
    • Private sector employees shall have technical or specialized (non-labor) professions with salary no less than QR10,000 or QR7,000 with family housing facility
    • Private sector employees shall provide proof of salary by submitting a bank statement for no less than six months from an accredited bank in the country. The profession is also confirmed by a notarized employment contract and copy of educational certificate.
  • Paper form shall be typed in Arabic.
  • Required names and data shall be typed as written in the passport
  • Residence permit of foreign spouse of Gulf citizen, issued in his country, shall be valid, or a marriage approval certified by the competent authorities is submitted.
  • All attached copies must be clear and in serial as mentioned above.
  • Original documents are required at the time of registration.


No fees are required for this service.

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