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Pension Services

Apply for Social Security Pension for the Elderly Married Woman

  • Last Updated 22 Jun, 2022
  • Service Type : Offline Service
  • Service Mode : Offline
  • Service Provider : Ministry of Social Development and Family
  • Service Classification : G2C
  • Topic : Religion and Community
Intended Audience
Citizen: Parent, Business Owner, Employee

Service Description

This service enables any elderly married female citizen, who is over 60 years of age, and has no breadwinner, or enough income to live, to apply for a social security pension. The value of the pension is determined, in accordance with Cabinet Decision No. (46) of 2014 for the categories stipulated in Law No. (38) of 1995 concerning Social Security and its regulated rules.

Online Instructions

  • Download the application form.
  • Submit the application form, along with the required documents including:
    • QID card of the elderly wife (applicant) and her husband
    • Husband’s salary certificate
    • Proof that the elderly wife isn’t employed and doesn’t have pension salary
    • Bank account certificate

Additional Information

The applicant should be at least 60 years old, should be residing in the country, and her kids should be enrolled in education.

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