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Business Services

Apply for Adding/ Replacing In Charge Engineer at Local Office

  • Last Updated 10 Oct, 2022
  • Service Type : Offline Service
  • Service Mode : Offline
  • Service Provider : Ministry of Municipality
  • Service Classification : G2B
  • Topic : Business and Finance
Intended Audience
Visitor: Business Owner
Citizen: Business Owner, Employee
Resident: Parent, Employee

Service Description

An engineering consulting office registered in the local offices register may submit a request to the Engineers and Engineering Offices Accrediting and Classifying Committee in order to add or replace an in charge engineer after meeting the governing terms.

Offline Instructions

  • Download and fill out the paper form, then submit it to the Engineers and Engineering Offices Accrediting and Classifying Committee
  • Attach the following documents:
    • License to practice engineering in the home country.
    • Certificate of experience of no less than 10 years.
    • Obligation that the engineer is permanently staying in Qatar, regardless of his/her departure for the usual vacations or for exceptional, temporary periods.
    • Authorization letter from office owners stating (new) in charge engineer(s) and management authorized signatory(s), provided by their signatures form.
    • Copy of enrolment certificate of the new, in charge engineer classified at first category
    • Copy of Qatari ID and valid residency.
    • Original copy of office document and certificate for update purpose by the Committee.
    • Application form for amending engineering office/ company registration.

Service Center

Engineers and Engineering Offices Accrediting and Classifying Committee (View Google Maps).

Additional Information

  • The office enrolment document, stamped and signed by the in charge engineer, shall be filled out and attached in the form of a CD before the Committee’s approval.
  • The Ministry of Municipality clarifies on its website the process plan of the service in detail and in the form of a work plan.
  • This service requires seven days to be completed.


No fees are required for this service.

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