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Licenses, Permits & Contracts

Apply for a License to Open a Branch of an Existing Private Educational Facility

  • Last Updated 11 Jan, 2021
  • Service Type : Offline Service
  • Service Mode : Offline
  • Service Provider : Ministry of Education and Higher Education
  • Service Classification : G2C, G2B
  • Topic : Education and Training
Intended Audience
Visitor: Business Owner
Citizen: Business Owner

Service Description

Individuals and Companies may submit a licensing request to the Private Schools Licensing Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) to obtain the necessary license to open a branch of an existing private educational facility.

The dates for application are announced per the timeline schedule of MOEHE.

The Private Schools Licensing Department announces its decision by either approving or declining only after reviewing the submitted applications.

Offline Instructions

  • Download and fill out the application form and attach along the following documents:
  • QID card copy of the license requester (for individuals)
  • QID card copy of each partner and a copy of the company’s article of association
  • Copy of the commercial license for the existing educational facility
  • Copy of the commercial register for the existing educational facility
  • Establishment ID
  • Approval of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry
  • Sketch drawing of the new educational facility building
  • Declare that all the information is accurate then sign and submit the application.

Service Center

Ministry of Education and Higher Education – Assistant Undersecretary Office for Private Education Affairs - Private Schools Licensing Departments (View Google Maps).


No fees are required for this service.

Additional Information

All the required details must be filled out and submitted during the application timeline announced by MOEHE.

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