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Religion and Community

Zakat Fund Launches New Website

16 Mar, 2022 09:18 AMAl Arab NewspaperIntended Audience
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Resident: Employee

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The Zakat Fund Department of the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) launched the fund's new website on the Internet to keep pace with the development of means of communication and to facilitate the givers and beneficiaries.

Mr. Jassim Muhammad Al Kubaisi, Director of the Zakat Fund Department, said: "The Fund is keen to renew and develop the website to include e-services, information and news of interest to the public. Al Kubaisi thanked everyone who contributed to the renewal, modernization and development of the fund's website. He pointed out that the functions of the Zakat Fund's management include collecting Zakat funds from individuals and companies and disbursing them according to Sharia banks to the beneficiaries inside Qatar.

He stressed the Fund's keenness to have a website that would provide the donors and those entitled to help with ease e-services.

The site allows its users to request a fatwa about the jurisprudence of Zakat, and the request for a fatwa is transferred directly to the legal experts specialized in Zakat fatwas, and the question is answered by sending a text message to the questioner.

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