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MOJ: Periodic updates on the Real Estate Valuation Program to meet market prices

08 Feb, 2023 08:17 AMAl Watan NewspaperIntended Audience
Citizen: Parent, Business Owner, Employee

News Details

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) confirmed that it made updates on the Real Estate Valuation Program according to the Weekly Real Estate Newsletter, in order to make its valuation commensurate with the current real estate market prices. The Ministry also receives comments from real estate valuers, real estate brokers and citizens on the Program, and they are taken into consideration.

The Program is based on calculating the estimated value of the property, according to a set of determinants. It provides the beneficiary with the possibility of valuation by entering his property number (title deed number) and entering the specified data in the fields of the valuation form.

The Program also has the feature of modifying the listed data and extracting the estimated value of the property. It allows as well for viewing the property map through ‘My Address’ link that is attached to the form when doing valuation using the property number.

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