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Terms and Conditions for Selling Special Numbers

27 Dec, 2021 05:26 AMAl Watan NewspaperIntended Audience
Citizen: Parent, Employee
Resident: Parent, Employee

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The Official Gazette published Minister of Interior Decision No. 106 of 2021 regarding special numbers, and the decision stated: The General Directorate of Traffic, in coordination with the Special Numbers Committee, prepares periodic lists that include an inventory of the special numbers and their categories, and a decision is issued for their approval by the Minister of Interior.

Article 3: Disposal of the special numbers shall be by way of selling by public auction or by way of a fixed price, in accordance with the procedures determined by the committee, and the minister may dispose of the special numbers, according to the price determined by the committee for each number.

Article 4: Anyone who wishes to enter the public auction to purchase a special number must submit the insurance amount specified by the committee, and whoever is awarded the auction is obligated to pay the amount that the auction ended within four working days, provided that the insurance amount is deducted from it, and in the event of his default for payment, he/she shall not have the right to recover the sum insured, and the sum insured shall be transferred to the Ministry's Employees Loan Fund.

If more than one special number is awarded to the increaser, none of them shall be disbursed to him/her except after paying all the amounts related to the special numbers on which he/she is awarded.

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