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Religion and Community

Shura Council Elections Supervisory Committee Clarifies Voting and Announcing Results Procedures

23 Sep, 2021 09:23 AMAl Sharq NewspaperIntended Audience
Citizen: Parent, Employee

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At its first session, the Shura Council Elections Supervisory Committee held a meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior for the heads of electoral committees to clarify the mechanisms of the electoral process.

Mr. Abdelrahman Ali Alfarahid Al Malki, member of the supervisory committee, reviewed the procedures for the election day, to discuss the best mechanism for the electoral process. Al Malki explained the process of entering the voting stations, preparing the voters while committing to the full precautionary and health measures.

Al Malki clarified the election process starting from voters’ presence at the committee permisses, commitment to wearing a mask, showing of the screen of the “Ehteraz” application to adhering to the social distancing in accordance with the health procedures followed in the country. Voters enter the place designated for waiting and show their QID to verify their identity and electronically check their registration in the voters’ lists.

Later on, voters proceed to the election committee to receive the ballot paper and then will be directed to the voting station, where they mark the paper by placing a tick mark in the box in front of the name of the candidate they wish to elect, then fold the paper and go to the ballot box, where they drop the ballot, and then exit directly from the voting station. Al Malki explained that candidates are not allowed to speak to or influence voters inside the voting stations. 

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