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Slogan of Qatar National Day 2020 Celebrations Announced

06 Dec, 2020 1:50 PMAl Arab NewspaperIntended Audience
Citizen: Parent, Employee

News Details

The Organizing Committee of the Qatar National Day (QND) celebrations has revealed the slogan of the celebrations this year 2020. The slogan is: "We praise You, o, the Lord of the Throne." The slogan is a quote inspired by a verse in one of the poems by the founder of the State of Qatar. 

Celebrating the National Day comes to commemorate the anniversary of founding the State of Qatar by Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani – may God have mercy on his soul – on 18 December 1878. The founder laid the foundations for modern Qatar, which had become, under his leadership, a one coherent entity and an independent united country.    

On this day every year, the State, its government and people, marks the anniversary that is the most important anniversary in the history of the country. On this day, the Qataris express their feelings of loyalty and belonging to the homeland, the flag and the State's leadership.

The organizing committee emphasized that the vision of the celebrations is strengthening the loyalty, solidarity, unity and the pride in the Qatar national identity. This also includes the values intended to be realized and these values are inspiration, participation, creativity and transparency.

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