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Shura Council Refers 2 Decrees on Entry and Residency of Expatriates and Private Associations to Competent Committees

24 Nov, 2020 1:18 PMAl Sharq Newspaper, Gulf TimesIntended Audience
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The Shura Council (Advisory Council) held its regular weekly meeting yesterday, Monday, 23 November 2020 under the chairmanship of HE Speaker of the Shura Council Mr. Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud.

During the session, the Council discussed Decree Law No. 19 of 2020 amending some provisions of Law No. 21 of 2015, regulating entry, exit and residency of expatriates. The amendment included two articles of the aforementioned Law.

After the discussion, the Council decided to refer the decree law to the Internal and External Affairs Committee and the Services and the Public Utilities Committee, to discuss and submit a report thereon to the Council.

The Council also discussed Decree Law No. 21 of 2020 regarding private associations and institutions, which comprises 58 articles including the definition of an association as a group that is composed of several natural or legal persons who participate together in carrying out a social, cultural, scientific, educational, or professional activity, not with the goal of making profit. It also defines the professional association as an association comprising the owners of one profession regulated by law; and defines a private enterprise as a private establishment set up by one or more natural or legal persons to achieve one or more purposes of charitable or public or private benefit, not with the goal of making profit.

The decree-law specifies the conditions for establishing an association, the requirements of its founding contract, its articles of association, how to register it, its objectives, the period of its license, and aspects related to its management, finances, and control of its business.

After the discussion, the Council decided to refer the decree law to the Public Services and Utilities Committee to discuss and submit a report thereon to the Council.

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