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Reregulating Entry and Exit of Closed Part of Industrial Area

06 May, 2020 12:00 AMAl Raya Newspaper, Gulf TimesIntended Audience
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It has been decided to fully reregulate the entry and exit of the closed part of the Industrial Area from Street 1 until Street 32 from today, Wednesday. This includes following all preventative and precautionary measures established by the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), as well as taking into account the need to ensure the safety of the community, including the population of the area. This comes in light of completing the procedures of the gradual opening of the Industrial Area that has begun with Streets 1 and 2 and Al Wakalat Street.

The Government Communications Office (GCO) in the State of Qatar,stated in its statement issued yesterday, that this decision has been preceded by conducting a number of precautionary medical checkups in the area. The statement added that above 6,500 laborers have been transferred to precautionary health quarantine and free and high-quality healthcare has been provided inside and outside the Industrial Area and provided for everyone diagnosed with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The statement pointed out that the procedures of reregulating the entry and exit will lead to resuming works inside and outside the area and supply chains to the normal situation, as well as the need to ensure that the community may not be infected. These procedures will include allowing only business owners and workers in establishments to enter and exit, and allowing companies and establishments in the area to transport materials and equipment by submitting a prior request to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA).

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