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Environment and Agriculture

QU Produces Fertilizers from Recycling Food Waste

26 Apr, 2021 09:47 AMAl Raya NewspaperIntended Audience
Citizen: Employee
Resident: Employee

News Details

The Department of Public Facilities and Services at Qatar University (QU) succeeded in producing the first batch of fertilizers by recycling food waste produced in students ’housing, this came within the framework of the "Zero Waste initiative at Qatar University (QUZW)".

This distinctive step aims to achieve the main objective of the "Qatar University Waste Free (2021-2025)" action plan, represented in aligning solid waste management practices on campus with Qatar University strategy 2018-2022.

The "Zero Waste Initiative at Qatar University" adopts the fundamentals of the circular economy and strives to reduce all the inputs of consumable materials on the one hand, and the outputs of waste on the other side, by closing the cycles of materials such as organic materials (food waste). As the action plan continues to be implemented, more types of waste are managed efficiently and responsibly to help achieve the circular campus of the future.

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