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Religion and Community

QMC Launches New Media Platform for Shura Council Candidates

03 Aug, 2021 08:50 AMAl Sharq Newspaper, Qatar TribuneIntended Audience
Citizen: Business Owner, Employee
Resident: Employee

News Details

The Media Support Committee for the Shura Council Elections of Qatar Media Corporation (QMC) launched a new website that allows candidates to appear in the media through multiple media platforms with fair and equal opportunities. It aims at assisting candidates wishing to nominate themselves for membership in the upcoming Shura Council to present themselves and their programs to the electorate in the electoral districts through QMC.

The services include personal photography, filming an introductory video for the candidate and his electoral program, audio recording, graphic design, television and radio interviews.

The platform also provides a complete introductory guide to the laws and legislation in Qatar, the Shura Council elections law, the electoral districts decree, and how to exercise the electoral right.

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