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QC Calls for Action Plan to Mitigate Corona Effects on Tourism Sector

02 Feb, 2022 09:29 AMGulf TimesIntended Audience
Visitor: Tourist
Citizen: Business Owner, Employee
Resident: Employee

News Details

Qatar Chamber (QC) issued a study entitled "Reality of the Qatar Tourism Sector in the Time of Corona - Challenges and Solutions". The study reviewed the reality of the global travel and tourism sector, with focus on the reality and components of the tourism sector in Qatar in terms of the legislative structure, the current tourism infrastructure, and the impact of the Corona pandemic on the tourism activity, as well as the contribution of the tourism sector to the gross domestic product of Qatar, and the efforts made to develop the tourism sector in the country.

The study prepared by Qatar Chamber’s Research and Studies Department, also addressed the Chamber’s role in supporting and developing the tourism sector, and the most important investment opportunities available in the tourism sector in Qatar. The study included a review of the most prominent problems and challenges facing the Qatari tourism sector, and concluded with a number of recommendations and proposals to activate tourism activity in the state.

The study indicated that tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in the global economy, and represents about 30% of global service exports, with a value of up to (1.5) trillion US dollars. In recent decades, the tourism sector has achieved high growth rates and increased its contribution to the global GDP to represent about 10.4%, but the spread of the new Corona virus in 2020 had tangible and clear repercussions on many economic sectors in the countries of the world, and the tourism sector is one of the economic activities most affected by Corona pandemic.

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