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Religion and Community

Qatari Haj Mission Launches "The Haj Guide Application" with New Look and Multiple Features

05 Jul, 2022 07:57 AMThe PeninsulaIntended Audience
Citizen: Parent

News Details

The Qatari Haj Mission, represented by the information systems unit has launched the updated version of "The Haj Guide Application" with a new look and multiple features.

The mission is keen on using modern technologies and advanced device applications and on harnessing all capabilities and support means within an integrated system in which all the missions’ supporting efforts combine. All this is to ensure providing the pilgrims of the State of Qatar with distinguished services, so that they perform the duty of the fifth pillar of Islam and all its rituals correctly in the best conditions.

Mr. Abdulhadi Obaid Al Mahran, the Head of the Information Systems Unit in the Qatari Haj Mission, confirmed that the Haj Guide application has been updated and developed to be a companion for the pilgrim on the Haj journey, as it provides a detailed and simplified explanation of how to perform the Haj rites and presents many selected fatwas to answer the pilgrim’s possible questions. In addition, the application also provides a package of useful and important instructions to facilitate the blessed Haj journey for the pilgrims. Al Mahran said that the application provides important addresses and an interactive map that specifies in detail the location of the Qatari campaigns in Doha and the Holy Cities.

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