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Business and Finance

Qatar Trade Surplus Surges 73%

28 Apr, 2021 10:21 AMAl Raya Newspaper, Gulf TimesIntended Audience
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The merchandise trade balance, which represents the difference between total exports and imports, achieved a surplus of 13.2 billion riyals during the month of March, recording an increase of 5.5 billion riyals, or 72.7% compared to the same month of the previous year 2020, and a decrease of approximately 0.04 billion riyals, a rate of 0.3% compared to February 2021.

According to a statement by the Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA), yesterday, the value of total Qatari exports (which includes exports of local origin and re-exports) amounted to approximately 22.1 billion riyals, an increase of 38.2% compared to March 2020, and an increase of 7.0% compared to February 2021.

On the other hand, the value of merchandise imports increased during March 2021, to reach about 8.9 billion riyals, an increase of 6.7% compared to March 2020, and an increase of 20.1% compared to February 2021.

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