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Communications and ITReligion and Community

Al Muhannadi: Qatar's digital infrastructure paves the way for ensuring the success of Shura Council elections

24 Aug, 2021 09:22 AMAl Sharq NewspaperIntended Audience
Citizen: Parent, Business Owner, Employee

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Dr. Engineer Ahmed Hamad Al Hasan Al Mohannadi, Professor of Electrical Engineering in Qatar University, has emphasized the efficiency of the digital infrastructure of the State of Qatar for entering into elections, with the launch of a first electoral cycle of elected Shura Council. 

He added that the infrastructure is capable of having a strong interaction with the elections via the huge amount of data, information and decisions made on the election system of Shura Council, which would be in favor of the community and its institutions. In addition, this election system would provide a support and backing for members to have access to reliable information in order to help them in decision-making process, as he said.

He praised the technical development of the election process that has seemed noticeable with the start of issuing the Shura Council election system law, and its sign is the community's awareness of its capability of having a flexible technological interaction. He noted that the elections would be an opportunity for the community to prove its capability of presenting suggestions and solutions for many local issues with the aim of promoting advancement.

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