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Business and Finance

Qatar Ranks as the First Destination for Foreign Investment

05 Jan, 2023 08:00 AMThe PeninsulaIntended Audience
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News Details

The foreign direct investment report for the year 2023 on the list of the best foreign direct investment destinations revealed that the State of Qatar ranked first in the best countries attracting foreign direct investment in the world, due to its economic potential and great investment opportunities that stimulate foreign direct investment.

The foreign direct investment report, issued by FDI Intelligence, analyzes the macroeconomic path and foreign direct investment of the top 50 destinations for foreign direct investment in the world, benefiting from International Monetary Fund data, and statistics monitoring foreign direct investment markets.

The report indicated that Qatar ranks first among the top 50 destinations for foreign direct investment in the world and is expected to witness more demand for foreign direct investment during 2023. The most important sectors of foreign direct investment projects in Qatar included oil and gas, financial services, and software and information technology services during 2022.

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