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Qatar International Court Launches Mediation Services

08 Nov, 2020 09:32 AMAl Raya NewspaperIntended Audience
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Qatar International Court (QIC) has launched the rules of its mediation services in the light of its constant efforts to support alternative means for dispute resolution. 

During the official launch seminar held last week, in the presence of a group of the Qatar legal community members, Mr. Faisal bin Rashid Al Sahouti, CEO of the QIC, said that launching the rules of the mediation services has come to complete the services package provided by the Court in the area of alternative means for dispute resolution. The Court, through these services, looks forward to continuing its support for the growth that is witnessed by the business environment in the State of Qatar. This is by expanding the range of its services in order to be consistent with the requirements of business owners and investors.    

Mr. Al Sahouti added that the availability of reliable and approved mediation services constitutes one of the mainstays of any financial hub that witnesses an accelerated economic growth.

Mediation proceedings are initiated either by an initiative taken by the QIC, or by virtue of a contractual provision that refers a dispute to mediation, or through a voluntary request of one or more parties to a dispute. The individual circumstances of each dispute will determine the course of action adopted by mediator seeking to resolve a dispute. All individuals or institutions will be able to use the provided service, whether they are inside the State of Qatar or abroad.

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