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Religion and Community

Brigadier General Abdullah Al Muftah: Candidate lists in electoral headquarters will be announced

15 Sep, 2021 08:15 AMAl Raya NewspaperIntended Audience
Citizen: Parent, Business Owner, Employee

News Details

Brigadier Abdullah Khalifa Al Muftah, Head of the Media Committee in the Supervisory Committee for Shura Council Elections, confirmed the increase in the demand for reservation of halls provided by the Committee at youth centers and sports clubs to enable candidates to hold meetings with voters, present their electoral programs and discuss them with voters.

Al Muftah said to the "Shura Council Elections" program, which was broadcast on Qatar Television the day before yesterday, that 9 halls at sports clubs and 5 halls at youth centers had been allocated to provide their services free of charge to candidates, and they are prepared with all means to organize seminars, in accordance with precautionary and preventive measures. He pointed out that the work of those halls would continue throughout the period of election advertising, which starts today at the same time as the announcement of the candidates' final statements and until the day of election silence.

With regard to the electoral meetings in hotel halls, he explained that in the event of a candidate wishing to hold a seminar in any of the hotel halls, he/she may do so at his/her own expense and after notifying the committee.

Al Muftah noted that the Committee provided several media facilities for candidates. Once the final statements of candidates are announced today, the candidates will be hosted to present their electoral programs to the public as Qatar Media Corporation provided free services to candidates, including presenting the electoral program and the biography of the candidate through its official website.

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