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Business and Finance

PSA Issues Qatar's Economic Outlook Report 2021-2023

12 Jan, 2022 05:16 AMAl Sharq NewspaperIntended Audience
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Citizen: Business Owner

News Details

The Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) issued yesterday the Qatar's Economic Outlook Report 2021-2023 - Issue No. 13 - in which it reviews the developments of the national economy for the past few years 2017-2021, including a deep analysis of the repercussions of preventive and precautionary measures to contain COVID-19 on the performance of economic activities during the years 2020 and 2021 and their repercussions on economic and environmental indicators.

The report also provided a brief overview of future developments in the global and regional economy, the development of the global gas market, international policies related to climate change, and economic policies related to inflation, as well as a review of the results of the General Census of Population, Housing and Establishments 2020 for the State of Qatar.

It also reviewed the international consensus expectations for the Qatari economy, which it expects to grow by more than 2 percent in 2021, and by more than 3.5 percent in 2022.

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