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Nomination Begins for 8th Edition of Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation

16 Feb, 2022 08:10 AMGulf TimesIntended Audience
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News Details

The Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding launched its 8th edition for 2022 yesterday. Recieving nominations started yesterday and it will continue until mid-August. The award, which was established by Qatar in 2015, aims to honor translators and express appreciation for their role in strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the world's nations and bridging the gap between people, as well as encouraging creativity, spreading diversity, pluralism, and openness, developing international understanding, and enhancing the role of translation in spreading peace and knowledge, and the role of translators in bringing cultures together.

The spokesperson and Media Adviser to Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding, Dr. Hanan Al-Fayyad, explained that the award's 8th edition includes translation prizes in individual books and is divided into four categories: Translation from Arabic to English, translation from English to Arabic, translation from Arabic to Turkish, and translation from the Turkish to Arabic.

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