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Communications and IT

MOTC Discloses Completing 125,365 Government E-Correspondences

21 Jul, 2020 12:00 AMAl Raya NewspaperIntended Audience
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News Details

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) has disclosed that the number of correspondences between ministries and government entities has reached 125,365 correspondences via the E-Correspondence System (Morasalat) during the first half of this year 2020. MOTC pointed out that the System being implemented currently by the ministries and government entities constitutes a pioneering model for using digital technology in order to maximize the benefit of the information network and the platform for exchanging data among them online.

The Ministry also pointed out that 65 entities in the State of Qatar are using the government e-correspondence system, pointing out that more than 93,000 government correspondences have been completed during the first quarter of this year 2020, after reaching 32,979 government correspondences in January, 30,213 correspondences in February, and 30,027 correspondences in March. MOTC added that the number of correspondences via the system has reached above 171,000 correspondences in 2019.

The Government E-Correspondence project represents one of the ambitious vital projects being implemented by MOTC, in collaboration with the ministries and institutions, in order to realize the government's vision seeking to rationalize expenditure and promote the performance level in accordance with the quality standards newly applied, since government entities receive and produce a huge amount of information during their daily operations. Moreover, storing and archiving this information online is to help in making decisions more quickly and improving the process of retrieving information. In addition, this System helps in transferring these correspondences among government entities and tracking them online.

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