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MOPH Specifies Uses of Rapid-Antigen Self-Test Kits

09 Jan, 2022 10:16 AMMinistry of Public Health (MoPH)Intended Audience
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News Details

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) endorsed the use of COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kits, which have been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and international organizations, for self-testing at home.

The Ministry issued a circular in September 2021 to all authorized pharmacies in the country, importing companies, and agents of pharmaceutical companies regarding the need to import and offer COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kits in pharmacies in order to make them accessible to everyone.

MOPH explained that while the results of the Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kits may not be used for official purposes such as pre-travel testing, changing health status on EHTERAZ application, or official health certificates, they are a valuable tool for people to check their COVID-19 status at the convenience of their homes.

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