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MOPH: Eligible for third booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine 6 months after second dose

15 Nov, 2021 08:24 AMAl Sharq Newspaper, The PeninsulaIntended Audience
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The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) in the State of Qatar has announced that all people who have completed six months after receiving the second dose of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine are currently eligible to receive the third booster dose of the vaccine. 

MOPH explained that the requirements have previously stipulated that an eight-month period must pass between the second dose of the vaccine and the third booster dose. Nonetheless, due to the increasing clinical evidence showing that the protective immunity most people obtain from the first two doses of the vaccine begins to gradually decrease after six months, it has been decided to reduce the time between the second dose of the vaccine and the third booster dose to six months after the second dose, as MOPH said.  

The Ministry called upon all people who meet the new conditions, regardless of their ages, not to delay receiving the vaccine to ensure that they will continue to gain high levels of immunity against COVID-19.

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