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MOL Launches 4 New e-Services

05 Jun, 2022 08:26 AMThe PeninsulaIntended Audience
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The Ministry of Labour (MOL) has announced the launch of a new set of electronic services as part of the digital transformation strategy that contributes to facilitating and completing procedures.

The new electronic services set, according to the Ministry's account on Twitter, includes four services:

  • Request for temporary work visa: This service allows requesting the issuance of a temporary recruitment permit for workers to work in the State of Qatar.
  • Request for labour recruitment, governmental and semi-governmental: This service allows recruiting workers from outside the country and employing them to work for these companies. One of its advantages is that most requests are approved automatically. 
  • Request for special labour recruitment approval - Qatar Financial Centre (QFC): It allows submitting a request for a private labour recruitment approval for companies affiliated with QFC. 
  • Adding a government contracting to the establishment register for companies: This service allows documenting a company’s contract with a government entity that owns the projects.
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