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MOL Launches 2 Services of Request to Extend General Work License, Request to Modify Location of Recruitment Office

16 Aug, 2022 07:45 AMThe PeninsulaIntended Audience
Citizen: Business Owner, Employee
Resident: Employee

News Details

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) has launched a new package of e-services on its digital platform, as part of its strategy on the digital transformation of services and contribution to achieving operational excellence, achieving speedy completion of transactions and streamlining procedures.  

The following new electronic services include: 
- Request to extend a general work license (extension of QID validity date)
- Request to modify the location of recruitment office 

The request to extend a general work license allows an establishment to request for extending employee work permits (QIDs) with the Ministry online, without the need to submit documents manually or make in-person visits to the Ministry premises. The approval will be granted online, and the requesting establishment and employee will be notified electronically as well.

The request to modify the location of the recruitment office allows an establishment to submit a request for its recruitment office to be relocated from its approved current location to another location, after inspecting new location. Then, the request will be reviewed and approved by the Ministry online, with notifying the requesting establishment about decision automatically.

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