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Employment and Workplace

MOL: 337 citizens recruited in private sector companies

07 Apr, 2022 10:18 AMAl Sharq NewspaperIntended Audience
Citizen: Parent, Employee

News Details

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) announced the recruitment of 337 job seekers of male and female citizens in the private sector during the first quarter of 2022, in eight different sectors.

The Ministry's Statistical Bulletin, which includes the most prominent statistics and figures of the labor sector in the country, as well as the results of inspection visits to various establishments, indicated that the recruitments were distributed among the sectors as follows: 177 jobs in the finance and insurance sectors, 51 jobs in energy and industry, 44 jobs the communications and information technology sector, 35 jobs in services and transportation, 15 jobs in real estate and contracting, 14 jobs in private institutions, and one job in the hospitality sector.

According to the statistical bulletin, 103 citizens were employed during January, 114 citizens in February, and 120 citizens in March.

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