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MOJ Launches Online Real Estate Brokerage System

31 Mar, 2022 08:49 AMAl Raya NewspaperIntended Audience
Citizen: Business Owner, Employee
Resident: Employee

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The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) launched the real estate brokerage system with the aim of providing a self-service portal for real estate brokers that serves as a direct channel of communication with them, and in a way that contributes to providing real estate brokerage services to them electronically without the need to review the administration.

The Ministry explained that the real estate brokerage system is based on two portals, the first is an "external public" portal for real estate brokers, which contains self-services through which services can be obtained electronically, and it also enables them to submit applications automatically to the administration after registration in the system. The second portal is concerned with providing electronic services For the department’s staff specialized in administrative, technical and logistical procedures, starting with receiving applications and ending with sorting and approving them, or returning them to the applicant in the event of a deficiency in the application’s attachments.

Mr. Saeed Abdullah Al Suwaidi, MOJ Assistant Undersecretary for Real Estate Registration and Authentication Affairs, said that the launch of this program constitutes a qualitative leap in the provision of real estate sector services electronically in general, including the real estate brokerage profession, and facilitating the dealers' access to exemplary services in accordance with the latest applicable systems in this sector. 

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