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Business and Finance

MOCI Organizes Workshop on Introducing Qatari Coding, Tracking Office and International Barcode

16 May, 2022 11:00 AMHukoomiIntended Audience
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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI), in collaboration with Qatar Development Bank (QDB)'s Coding and Tracking Office, organized a workshop entitled "Introducing Qatari Coding and Tracking Office and International Barcode" yesterday, Sunday, May 15, 2022. This comes within the framework of supporting and backing the national economy via industrial and service sectors.  

The workshop highlighted introducing a global standards organization named (GS1) and services that the organization provides for business solutions and introducing global standards for coding (GS1 System), and rules of granting international barcodes of products, services and premises. This also includes introducing Qatari Coding and Tracking Office (GS1 Qatar) and its services provided to Qatari companies, with the aim of spreading awareness and introducing local companies and institutions on the standardized system of international specifications and its implementation mechanisms in supply chains in order to serve various sectors in the State of Qatar.  

The workshop also touched on the global coding and tracking system, after the State of Qatar has obtained (Barcode 630) to ensure providing a unique identification that allows for tracking national products and marketing them within the country and abroad. Thus, this will contribute to increasing exports and meeting international requirements. 

Mr. Ali Sultan Al Kuwari, Manager of QDB Export Development and CEO of Qatari Coding and Tracking Office, pointed out that the inauguration of Qatari Coding and Tracking Office comes as part of the wise orientations of the State and Qatar National Vision 2030; one of its pillars is to achieve the sustainable development of economic growth. This is because the adoption of the unified international standards system for Qatari companies and institutions will contribute to standardizing the global language of business, facilitating exportation and building a reliable global database of Qatari products and services.      
He added that QDB established Qatari Coding and Tracking Office as member of GS1 last June, in order to collaborate in building a developed infrastructure that is capable of serving national industries and responding to their future needs. He voiced his hope that this would bring about a qualitative leap in the economic sectors and make a difference in terms of increasing the gross domestic product (GDP) of the State of Qatar by marketing Qatari products and services locally and globally.

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