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MOCI Launches Community Campaign to Support Qatari Products in Markets

02 Nov, 2021 07:30 AMHukoomiIntended Audience
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News Details

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI), is organizing an interactive campaign to support Qatari products by displaying models of the most prominent Qatari industries until November 7 in shopping malls. The move is part of the campaign to support Qatari products launched by the ministry throughout 2021 and to support local products and promote them directly in the local markets, and the campaign seeks to raise awareness among consumers of the importance of national products and encourage them to give priority to purchasing them, in addition to supporting entrepreneurs and investors and providing them with the opportunity to have easy access to consumers.


Audiences will also be able to learn about prominent local products and the mechanisms used in the various stages of manufacturing and production, as well as the relevant vital information and statistics. The campaign has witnessed co-operation and coordination with a number of malls and markets in Qatar with the aim of building models of a number of local products in various sectors in Qatar. These include the manufacture of building materials, electrical equipment, furniture, furnishings, wood, textiles, medicines, paper, and food products. These models also have labels identifying all relevant industrial details in terms of the number of factories and their products. Additionally, these models have been built in an attractive and interactive manner.


The campaign activities include filming a number of video clips in selected places, showing the stages of installing models, and the public's interaction with the campaign, to be then shared on all the ministry’s official social media accounts.

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