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MME Launches Online Service to Collect Recyclable Materials from Houses
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MME Launches Online Service to Collect Recyclable Materials from Houses

25 Nov, 2020 10:57 AMAl Raya Newspaper, Gulf TimesIntended Audience
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News Details

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), represented by the General Cleanliness Department, has launched the second phase of the program of separating and sorting waste at source, in collaboration with banks, financial institutions, commercial complexes and malls operating in the State of Qatar.

During this stage, the Ministry will provide containers for separating and sorting two types of waste "from the source" (food residues "organic materials" and recyclable materials "paper, plastic, glass and metals"). The Ministry will also provide vehicles to collect recyclable materials and transport them to designated places.

The third phase, which begins next year, targets universities, government and semi-government entities, bus stops, hotels, public parks, the Corniche area and the city of Doha. The fourth phase will start in 2022, during which an electronic service will be launched to collect recyclable materials from all houses in the State, and will include all facilities, buildings, premises and stadiums for the FIFA World Cup that will be hosted by the State of Qatar.

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