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Ministry of Municipality Launches Online Camel Ownership Transfer Service

20 Feb, 2022 06:19 AMThe PeninsulaIntended Audience
Citizen: Business Owner

News Details

The Ministry of Municipality launched the "Camel Ownership Transfer" service through its website and the "Aoun" application on smart and mobile devices, after completing the development of the service and making it available to citizens who own "camel chips" officially registered in the Livestock Department in the Ministry.

Assistant Undersecretary for Shared Services Affairs at the Ministry of Municipality, Hamad Khalifa Al Khalifa said that the new service was developed and launched in cooperation between the Livestock Department and the Information Systems Department. The aim of the service is to ease trading
of "camel chips”  between users, and displaying the chips registered in their names, in order to avoid violations of the ban on grazing that may be recorded on a chip whose owner sold before, and the new owner of the chip did not number it at the Livestock Department.

Mr. Al Khalifa also noted that this service will provide the user with the ownership transfers he made to facilitate tracking the transfer of the chip from one owner to another.

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