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Religion and Community

Minister of Culture and Sports Reveals National Day Slogan and Activities

10 Oct, 2021 07:49 AMAl Sharq NewspaperIntended Audience
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HE the Minister of Culture and Sports Salah bin Ghanim Al-Ali, Chairman of the National Day Celebrations Committee for the National Day of the State of Qatar, revealed the slogan of the National Day of 2021, "Ancestral Meadows: is a Trust," and said Darb Al Saai activities will be absent from the National Day celebrations this year. Stating that the failure to organize the Darb Al Saai activities this year is due to the avoidance of adventure in light of the surprises of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Al-Ali revealed that several activities and activities were put up during the celebrations of this year's National Day, which he described as diverse and broad, which include the various regions of the country and will be at the highest level. He added that the effectiveness of the national march always exists and is the most important activity on National Day. There is no intention to transfer it through the Corniche because of the construction works, unless there are any circumstances beyond the will be found.

Al-Ali stressed that the slogan of the National Day is "Ancestral Meadows: is a Trust," reflects the root of the state's interest in the issue of the environment, saying, "The country's focus on the environment is not from today, but from the days of the fathers, grandfathers and the state, through its strategies, which add to its national vision of 2030, which gave the environment the priority it deserves."

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