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MCIT Concludes the eCommerce Webinar Series with 2,430 Participants

27 Jun, 2022 07:45 AMMinistry of Communications and Information TechnologyIntended Audience
Citizen: Business Owner

News Details

The eCommerce Program of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has concluded its webinar series. These webinars aimed to provide eCommerce merchants with an opportunity to learn about the eCommerce fundamentals and the best practices in accordance with international standards, as well as the challenges facing eCommerce entrepreneurs. The webinar attendees benefited from success stories and experiences of many owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Qatar who received Theqa Trustmark from the eCommerce program including, Jazp, and Mersal, who were invited to participate in the panel discussions.

Over six months, 12 webinars were held in Arabic and English. The webinars covered carefully selected topics with the aim of achieving the greatest possible benefits. A first topic addressed the eCommerce ecosystem in Qatar and its benefits. MCIT's eCommerce guidelines followed this, which served as the guiding principles with tips and best practices on setting up an eCommerce store in the State.

During the next webinar, Theqa Trustmark was introduced to the audience and it highlighted its importance as a certified Trustmark on their electronic stores and the advantages for both the eMerchant and eShoppers. The key areas covered by the webinar included how to set up eStore and the fundamentals of eCommerce, including how to develop a strategy related to eStore and steps on how to develop a website. The session provided its participants with a general overview of the eCommerce industry at a regional level with some key facts on buying behaviors. 

While all the webinars were significant, the digital marketing webinar was the most participated by the attendees. During the webinar, the discussion focused on the strategies, tools and techniques of digital marketing, and how to use available opportunities following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In addition, the webinar addressed how to understand customer and how to persuade customer to buy from eStore, as well as the importance of business resilience.

The last session focused on the most important topics related to eCommerce and what impacts business’s success, such as choosing the best business model of eStore via many scenarios and examples. The webinar also covered in detail the most common business approaches. The webinar provides the attendees with a holistic approach by introducing them to methods of website designs and payment gateway, as well as logistics providers, in collaboration with MCIT experts in the eCommerce industry. 

Through the webinars, the attendees were introduced to on how to get more information on eCommerce in Qatar by going to the eCommerce portal  and the Theqa portal, which will provide you with important information and tips that aim at improving your eCommerce experience.

In addition to MCIT's initiative as part of the eCommerce Program, MCIT provided advisory services on eCommerce, which focused on answering some of the frequently asked questions and guiding the SMEs in their eCommerce journey to overcome their challenges and pursue opportunities available in Qatar's ecosystem. 

To know further information about the eCommerce Program and browse all the websites and social networking sites of the eCommerce Program and MCIT, kindly scan the QR code: 

Or visit this link:
MCIT/eCommerceQR Code

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