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ADLSA Calls on Qatari Productive Families to Register Their Data

25 Aug, 2021 09:26 AMAl Raya NewspaperIntended Audience
Citizen: Parent, Business Owner

News Details

Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs "ADLSA" called on productive families to register their data with the Department of Family Affairs, explaining that the registration only covers Qataris and Qatari nationals, provided that the product is local, not imported and produced by the project owner, or designed, along with the need to bring a photo from a personal ID card and samples from the product of at least five varieties to be evaluated by the ministry.

"ADLSA" urged project owners to come in person to the ministry building to conduct the interview and evaluate the first time they register. The ministry said the project owner can send his representative if necessary, noting that it does not provide loans or financial assistance to project owners.

It also pointed out that there is no need to update and update the data of productive families every year unless the product or contact numbers are changed, as this requires renewing the health license annually for the owner of the product and the food workers.

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