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ADLSA Announces End of Determined Working Hours Period for Work in Exposed Locations

16 Sep, 2021 09:26 AMAl Sharq NewspaperIntended Audience
Citizen: Business Owner, Employee
Resident: Employee

News Details

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (ADLSA) announced the end of the implementation period for the Ministerial Decision No.17 of 2021, on determining the working hours for work performed under the sun or outdoor work sites during the summer period.

The decision obliges employers to limit the working hours of the day, so that work does not start from 10:00 am until 3:30pm for work performed under the sun or in open, non-shaded or non-ventilated sites for the period from June 1 to 15 September each year.

The Ministry urged corporate owners to continue spreading awareness and concern for occupational health and safety at work sites, taking into account the various conditions surrounding worksites.

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